Somers Financial Ltd

As part of every mortgage recommendation Somers Financial Ltd will also take you through what we call a ‘Financial Review’

We provide a review where we talk about how you, your family, your income and your home are protected.

We don’t do this to try and ‘sell’ you something. We make it a mandatory part of the mortgage process because we believe it is our responsibility to ensure we have had a clear conversation with our customers on this important subject.

With the exception of basic buildings insurance for your property the various insurance products we will discuss are not mandatory, and if you already have cover and it is suitable then we will tell you so.

We believe protection is one of the most important considerations when taking out a mortgage and we pride ourselves in offering clear and simple advice around what this could look like.

Some of the ways we can help give our customers peace of mind:

  • Providing a lump sum of money in the event of death or critical illness
  • Replacing a portion of lost income in the event of a long term illness
  • Giving a lump sum or monthly income to help families in the event of the death of a parent
  • Source a panel of leading insurers to protect your home and its contents, with expert advice

If you need to take out insurance to protect you, your family or your property or if you have existing policies which you wish to review call us to help you put in place the right cover for your needs.